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Our company has been operating in the market since 1994, when it launched the first machine manufacturing a thin Stylon lining used for textile production. With time, the offer was extended by further products and their modifications. It turned out that the constant upgrading of machines allowed the manufacture of increasingly sophisticated fabrics, to be used in more and more industries. In subsequent years the trend was established and further industries appreciated the versatility, availability and price of our knits, which increased our presence in new markets. The development of telecommunication technology enabled further diversification and entering new, previously unexplored sectors.

Over the last few years, young, creative, educated people have joined our staff. In combination with the experienced and proven team, this creates a mix of innovation and creativity, which is promising for the future.


Each of our products is manufactured according to corporate standards. It has a consistent name and symbol. Each evolution of the product is accompanied by the evolution of its symbol. This allows the correct placing and executing of orders. Knits that are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications have an agreed name and symbol.


For the production of our fabrics we use flat warp knitting machines.

The yarn comes from Polish suppliers, which allows the avoidance of uncertain sources and disloyal suppliers. This directly increases our products’ flexibility and versatility.

We entrust finishing and colouring to a certified company with a modern machine park and the necessary laboratory facilities. This guarantees colour consistency and the desired rigidity of the finished product.